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As an educationist with the agenda to promote education through the adoption of technology, creativity and inclusivity through and beyond the times of the pandemic, I believe Education has the strength to deliver an even greater impact.

Amreesh Chandra

Freeman to the City of London’​

Amreesh was honoured with the ‘Freeman to the City of London’, title on the 20th of June 2012, for his enormous contribution to the development of education from small kindergartens to the development of Higher Education cities, not only in India and in the UK, but also across many countries around the world.

Executive Principal & Trustee, St. Paul’s Schools, Gorakhpur

St. Paul’s School is a premier English institution affiliated to the ICSE, New Delhi. Amreesh leads the school which is a legacy of over 45 years in quality teaching and learning in Gorakhpur and the neihbouring regions. His passion in education and its advancement provides for students’ wellbeing, teacher professional development and the use of 21st century educational practices.

Founder CEL​

Amreesh in 2012 created Chandra EduLinks (CEL) with the vision to enable individuals and corporations layout their legacy roadmap, establish and set pace to long-term vision and effectively transition growth into the future. All this with the inclusion of innovation, community and sustainability in their business doctrine that encompasses the masterful strategies and stakeholders.

Founder, The Canvas

An SDG Awareness initiative to propel the acceleration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Amreesh aims to mobilise the student force globally to take action on the SDGs – by educating, and empowering them on the SDGs across high-school and universities.

“Education should positively mold lives.”

Amreesh continues to pursue his quest and vision for better education because he firmly believes that.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Amreesh Chandra was appointed the SDG Ambassador for India by the Dainik Jagran Group, India in the year 2016. In the role of the Ambassador, Amreesh pursued education and awareness of the SDGs in his circle of influence and areas of work.

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